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Is your baby getting ready to take their first steps? Do you already have a bonafide cruiser on your hands? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering what exactly they should be wearing to protect their adorably chubby little feet. Finding the best walking shoes for your baby’s feet is essential to their health and development, so we consulted the experts to get the lowdown on what parents should be looking for before they invest in a pair of adorable kicks.


There aren’t a ton of guidelines parents need to follow when looking for their baby’s first pair of walking shoes. Dr. Leann Poston, a pediatrician at Invigor Medical in Kennewick, Washington, says, “The most important thing parents should look for is walking shoes that are well-fitting and flexible.” Alas, if your baby has adorable baby Jordan sneakers like my kids had, their stiffness would, unfortunately, eliminate them from this category.

Poston also advises, “Baby walking shoes should not change the way the child walks and should only protect their feet from getting hurt. They should have a large enough toe box for their toes to move.” In other words, don’t opt for anything too restrictive.

Thanks to Dr. Poston’s helpful insight, we found the best baby walking shoes available for your little one right now. We considered fit, style, quality, and, of course, budgets of all sorts — all of which will have your baby walking in style in no time. On your mark, get set: Gobabygo!

Leather Loafers Slip-On

I bought this exact pair for my 17-month-old nephew, and he was off to the races. It’s a really high-quality leather loafer for the price, easy to get on and take off, but not so easy that your child will be taking them off in the car and hurling it at their brother in the backseat. They look great with a preppy outfit but even better dressed down with jeans and a tee.

Special Occasion Soft Sole Slip-On

For some reason, there are just not a ton of gender-neutral baby’s first walking shoes. This is really one of the few on the market, but it’s a really good shoe. It’s made of the soft, durable leather bottom with a canvas upper material and elastic back and sides to give a better fit.

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