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The 10 Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers 1

Getting your little one in the bath at the end of the day can be an uphill battle, but the right bath toys can have even the least enthusiastic kiddos looking forward to their nightly routine. Whether you’re looking for something to increase their creativity and spark a little artist, or just a few classic floating toys, there’s something for every type of kid. We’ve got you covered with toys for 1-year-oldstoys for 2-year-oldstoddlersolder kids and beyond. We won’t judge if you’ve still got a rubber duckie for your own bath time.

Our experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute have tested everything from the best strollers to the best new toys on the market, and know everything there is to know about picking out the right parenting products for each family. Bath toys can help your kids’ development, make it easier to get them in the tub and, of course, be very fun. While picking out our favorite toys, we scoured the internet to read reviews from top products and brands that our experts and real parents love.

Head to the end of this guide to learn more about how we chose our favorite bath toys, but first, the best bath toys of 2022.

Ferry Boat with Mini Cars

Kids can use the tub as a backdrop for their next sailing adventure with this boat set. The ferry comes with two durable mini vehicles, and we love that it’s made in the U.S. from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. Our testers note that this boat is exceptionally easy to clean and help avoid mold growth, and also love how there aren’t any small pieces to come apart and that the little cars can actually roll around. Kiddos can have fun playing with this toy both in and out of the water. But, not all the parts float well, so things may sink down. If you’re more into underwater machines, their submarine bath toy is also super fun.

Ages 3+


Stack N Count Cups

Great for the bath or the beach, these multi-color cups offer lots of imaginative play, plus they’re safe for babies as young as 6 months old. Each cup is numbered so kids can practice their counting, and come with unique holes in the bottom that let the water filter through and offers exciting play. However, this does mean that if you lose one cup, fitting them all back together can be troublesome. One parent we spoke to said their little ones love how much fun these toys are at both the beach and the bathtub and found their filtering abilities great for water playtime. Each set comes with eight cups of various colors with large numbers on the bottom to help encourage number recognition.

Ages 6+ months



Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

Help avoid the inevitable bath toy mold with these fun, colorful pipes that are easy to clean and won’t trap any water inside. One parent we spoke to noted that she loved these toys because hers didn’t grow mold inside, unlike a lot of bath time favorites, like the classic rubber duckie. Not only are they a fan favorite amongst the parents we spoke to, but they help little ones tap into their creativity while learning about building and water flow. Each set comes with five pipes in various colors that suction cup to the wall so your kiddos can play around without water getting all over your bathroom floor.

Ages 12+ months



Fishin Baby and Toddler Bath Toy

Bring the joy of the lake to your bathtub with this adorable fishing bath game. Each set comes with a magnetic fishing rod and three floating toys that will inspire endless fun in your household. This bath toy for 2-year-olds and up is great for developing hand-eye coordination. The pole makes a fun clicking noise while reeling in little fishy friends and the floating toys are great for playing with or without the game. Since it requires quite a bit of coordination, this toy can be difficult for little ones to manipulate entirely on their own at first, but after a few tries they will get the hang of it.

Ages 24+ months



Color Me: Who's in the Pond? Bath Book

Not only can the pages in these books handle water, when they do get wet, the playful illustrations change color. Our testers love how beautiful the artwork is and note that these books are also great for no mess arts and crafts time since kids can grab a brush and water and “color” the pages outside of bath time, or just dip the book in the bath to watch the colors emerge. Our testers note you cannot use water to make colors appear on the front and back covers of this book and need to stick to the inside pages. Kids can become more familiar with a variety of animals through this toy, and if they’re not particularly interested in pond dwellers, there’s also an ocean version and rain forest version, amongst other options.

All ages

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