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9 Best Diaper Changing Pads of 2022 1

Your new bundle of joy is sweet-faced, smiley, and a pooping machine, which means around-the-clock changes. You have your diapersyour diaper bag, and your rash cream — so now, you need a high-quality diaper-changing pad.

You need something sturdy, washable, and easy to deal with. You don’t want anything cumbersome or huge, but you also don’t want something that won’t protect your furniture or floor, either. It needs to be a balance of size, shape, cleanability, and ease of use.


There are so many options out there: How do you make sure you don’t end up with a crappy changing pad? First, you need to think about materials. Your diaper changing pad either needs to be wiped clean with a Lysol wipe, or should be able to be tossed in the washing machine. After all, no one wants to hand-wash a changing pad!

Next you need to consider its use. Are you taking it with you, or are you using it at home? This will determine the size you need, and if you need it to fold up.

Lastly is cost. Spending a ton of cash on something your baby is literally going to poop all over feels like a waste to us.

You can avoid getting the contents of their loaded diapers all over the nursery (and their hands) with these top-rated picks. Whether you have a squirmy baby who can’t seem to keep still or you just need a pad that speaks to your love of all things organic, we’ve found the best changing pads to easily get you through the diaper phase … as long as it may feel.

Wipe-Clean Changing Pad

Key Specs

  • Size: 31 x 18 inches
  • Material: Wipe-clean foam
  • Accessories: Adjustable strap, mobile

Changing your babe’s diaper can be like trying to wrestle down a wild goat so you can apply lipstick on it. Keep your wiggly little one tamed with this Skip Hop Changing Pad: The comfy spot features a fun cloud-and-sun mobile to keep your little one stationary and focused while you wipe their bum.


Contoured Changing Pad with Plush Cover

Key Specs

  • Size: 31 x 16 inches
  • Material: Vinyl-covered foam
  • Accessories: Cover included

You don’t have to splurge on a one-trick changing table: Convert any dresser into a changing area for your baby. This diaper changing pad from Delta Children is a great option for families looking for high quality on a budget, and the removable cover is soft and easy to wash.


Waterproof Diaper-Changing Pads (2-Pack)

Key Specs

  • Size: 27 x 19 inches
  • Material: 100% fabric core, polyester coating

Many parents just sit on the floor with their babies to change their diapers. These pads are perfect for parents who just want something to throw down to protect the rug from poop explosions. These mats from Amazon are cheap and cheerful, as well as machine-washable.


3-in-1 Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station

Key Specs

  • Size: 33 x 13 inches
  • Accessories: Removable insert

It’s a changing pad, diaper bag, and portable bassinet — combined. This sturdy bag is only $50, and does the work of several different products. With over 700 perfect ratings on Amazon, this option might be your best bet if you’re out and about.


Secure Grip Baby Diaper Changing Pad

Key Specs

  • Size: 31 x 16 inches
  • Material: Cotton-covered polyurethane

Rest your sweetie on this changing pad by Munchkin. The foam pad features no-skid grips at the bottom, so you won’t have to worry about the pad itself slipping during a messy changing session. It’s a huge relief!


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