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7 Best Stroller Blankets of 2022 baby sheets

Chilly days are upon us. Between yo-yo temps in the springtime and frigid weather spotted with random snow flurries in the winter, it’s essential to always stay prepared with a handy stroller blanket. Getting outside with your baby has proven health and sleep benefits, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. There’s cold weather, snow, and wind to contend with.

From heavier knit options for warmth, to lighter, breathable picks for a little extra protection and shade, we’ve rounded up our favorites to bring home.

They make bundling up for the winter easy. Take it from the Danish, who let their children sleep outside in their strollers year-round — stroller blankets are the way to go. Some of them are decently weatherproof, keeping dampness and wet snow away from your little baby. Get your kids outside all year long with these stroller blankets.

Original Bundleme Bunting Bag

Lined with pillowy soft shearling with a touchably soft exterior, the JJ Cole Original Bundleme Bunting Bag will keep your newborn snug as a bug. With a zipper that wraps around the entire exterior, you can easily regulate your tot’s temp.

From outside to car to indoors again, your little one will be perfectly cozy.


Toddler Sleeping Bag for Stroller
This is a great, affordable stroller blanket and bunting bag. It fits over the harness, connecting through Velcro slits. It can be opened from either end, and the entire thing is machine-washable. It’s weather-resistant, fleece-lined, and great for kids up to 3 years old.
CozyMuff — Warm Stroller Footmuff with Temperature Control

You have a tall toddler on your hands? This is the bunting you need. It’s several inches longer than many on the list, but it’s just as convenient. It’s also great for longer-bodied running strollers.

The inside is a dense microfleece, while the exterior is a machine-washable, stain-resistant fabric that keeps bad weather out. Its two-way zip makes getting baby in and out a cinch, and the color stays true.


Toddler Stroller Footmuff

Stroller blankets often have an issue staying where they are. They get kicked off or pulled down as your tot wiggles about. This soft bunting is molded to the shape of the stroller, and that really does make a difference.

It has a two-way zipper, adjustable bood, and fleece lining, and the Velcro on the slits really does hold the blanket firmly to the chair.


Warm Bunting Bag Universal

OK, we can’t lie: We were drawn in by the teddy bear embroidered on the head of this that appears to give your baby ears when they lay against it.

What made the stroller blanket make the list is that the inside of the bunting is so luxe and soft, while the exterior is hardy and durable. It’s washable, the filling doesn’t shift, and the zipper works great even if your child has spilled their juice all over it.

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