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6 Baby Bottle Sterilizers for New Parents in 2022 1

I think that we can all agree that over the past few years, we have all become a bit more germ-aware. Covid, hepatitis, you name it — it’s been on the news affecting babies and children. Getting a bottle sterilizer not only potentially prevents illness but also offers peace of mind to worried parents.

Having a dedicated bottle sterilizer for your baby’s feeding items also frees up some valuable time — and like all new and current parents of young kids know, having extra time is everything.


There was once a time when sterilizers were easy-peasy. You had your choice of one or two models, and they were, at best, mediocre, bulky, and slow. Things have really evolved in the past 10 years, with huge advances being made since Covid. Now? Wowzers: There have never been more options for getting bottles blasted with cleanliness. There are a few types that shine, and those are a traditional sterilizer with or without a dryer, a sterilizer with UV, and bottle warmer sterilizers. They’re all great, but depending on your needs, you may choose one over the other:

  • Traditional Sterilizer With or Without Dryer: These use water and blast steam into the bottles and parts, getting all the nooks and crannies clean, and if they have a drier, are dried with hot air. This leaves bottles cleaned and deodorized. The bonus is that not all of these need a special place.
  • Sterilizer With UV: This option is great if you’re not just using bottles, but also pacifiers and little toys that might become baby Petri dishes. After you clean the bottles and nipples, you place them inside the UV sterilizer, and the UV light kills the vast majority of viruses and bacteria.
  • Bottle Warmer Sterilizers: A multitasker, this machine will heat bottles and also has a setting to sterilize them after washing. It’s a great way to stretch a dollar and the amount of counter space used.

I have chosen several highly rated models based on their design, usefulness, and various recommendations. I’ve spoken with manufacturers, researched each product, and found the very best bottle sanitizers out there that work wonders and give a really good clean.

Deluxe Electric Baby Bottle and Pacifier Sterilizer

Get those bottles clean! This sterilizer by trusted baby brand Dr. Brown’s is easy to use, and there’s a removable tray that positions bottles so steam enters correctly. You can clean up to six baby bottles at once. It dries in just a few minutes, but the bottles are quite warm afterwards.

This model is a favorite among parents because it’s so simple to use and easy to clean. Just a wipe-out with a bleach wipe, and you’re good.


Microwave Steam Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

This microwave-steam sterilizer makes it a breeze to make sure your baby’s bottles are bacteria-free. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 2 minutes! Just pop it in the microwave for hands-free bottle sterilization.

This one doesn’t need space on the counter thanks to the fact that it’s microwave-powered, and having used this one myself, I assure you — it’s a cinch.


Premium Baby Bottle Sterilizer with Dryer

Sterilize six bottles at the same time with this electric steam appliance by Philips AVENT. The 6-minute sterilizer and dryer will also keep bottles completely clean if it’s left unopened for up to 24 hours.

The drip-dry plate prevents milk from reaching it and giving off that horrid, burned milk smell that everyone knows just lingers in the air, like the ghost of milk mistakes past.

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