8 Best Baby Snow Boots for Winter 1

When your baby is learning to walk, or even toddling pretty well, taking them out in the snow for the first time is a magical event. The crunching, slushy snow is all new to them, and having a great pair of baby snow boots is critical to everyone having a warm, good time.

Babies need slightly different boots than you or me. They need their snow boots to be a bit more flexible for their learning feet — and they need to be easy for caregivers to take off, but not so easy that your baby can rip those puppies off when you’re not looking. (Why are shoes so offensive to them?)

Of course, you want them to be cute, too. Fortunately, you could put just about anything on a baby and it automatically becomes cute, but I’ve found boots that are adorable all on their own. From mini baby duck boots to pull-up boots with a thick lining, there’s a baby snow boot on our list for every baby.

Toddler Girl Warm Winter Snow Boots

These were recommended to me by a few moms, and I admit, I was suspicious of this random Amazon brand boot that’s only $20 being any good — that was until I saw them.

My little baby niece had obviously loved these boots hard, as they were covered in specs of paint, and the bottoms were dirty as heck, but even after a year’s worth of abuse, they still held up.

They have a waterproof upper, nonslip rubber sole, faux fur, and plush lining, and the closure is a bit hidden from toddlers’ immediate range of vision. Plus, just look at them! If you have a little fashionista? They’ll want these.


Deltha Snow Boot
Want your child to learn some independence? Carter’s boots are the easiest for your toddler to take off themselves, but younger babies won’t be able to operate the Velcro straps as smoothly.

These are the quintessential snow boot. A strong rubber outsole and mudguard, waterproof upper with Velcro tabs for adjusting, and plush fleece interior with thick insulation mean this boot can take any weather you throw at it.

Choose from gray, blue, or a heart pattern that’s just as sweet as it can be.

Girls Toddler Tottenham Cold-Weather Snow Boot

London Fog baby snow boots are hands-down one of the most popular and best-reviewed baby snow boots you can buy. Parents love how durable they are, how warm they are, and how much their children love them. Many parents remarked that they had to buy their child this boot in multiple sizes because they wanted to wear them long after they were too small.

They have synthetic upper and lower parts, and the laces are functional, but the dense insulation, cozy faux-fur top, and well-loved design are where this boot shines.


Baby B-Moc Snow Boot

The Bogs B-Moc baby snow boots have a few cool features: There’s a cinching cord just above the ankle to keep snow away from baby’s feet, the mudguard is primarily on the toe and heel, allowing the midsole to remain flexible, and these boots are actually designed for baby to take them off and put them on.

They’re 100% waterproof and rated for below zero temps. They’re cute, durable, and definitely make great hand-me-downs.


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