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Pregnancy, specifically during the fourth trimester, is a wild, strenuous ride for your abdomen and back. From stress and pulling to C-section scars and diastasis, pregnancy really changes things in your body. Since some of these changes can be uncomfortable and often come with a bit of pain, belly bands are one way we can combat that discomfort.


Your belly band needs will change depending on which phase of pregnancy or the postpartum period you’re in. The belly band you wear during pregnancy will be very different from the one you wear after a C-section, or during the general postpartum period. And some C-section parents might want one of each depending upon how their abdomen handled pregnancy.

Pregnancy Bands

During your pregnancy, belly bands — or pregnancy support bands — help distribute the weight from your lower back and under the belly to make you more comfortable overall, with less back and belly pain. There are several types on the market, but the most popular are underbelly and harness styles. A 2019 systematic review showed that these types of maternity support garments showed that they can help with pubic pain, lower back pain, and even balance, but the exact reasons why are fairly murky, and you should still discuss any pain you’re having with your provider.


After a C-section, your body requires special care. Targeted compression in a variety of levels and breathable fabrics can help alleviate the swelling and discomfort that accompanies a C-section. It’s major surgery, after all. There are also newer belly bands that help hold scar treatment in place at a time when you’re not likely going to be able to fuss with them all the time.


After I delivered my daughter, I had a diastasis so wide you could drive a truck through it. It was incredibly uncomfortable and made my abdomen just feel really strange. I hated it. I started using compression belly bands, and while it didn’t heal my diastasis (physiotherapy did that), it did make me more comfortable and helped my posture tremendously. These postpartum belly bands range from pretty tight, almost corset-like compression, to barely different from your average Spanx. Which one you choose will greatly depend on what your personal needs are.


I spoke to moms, read hundreds of reviews, and even included the very belly band that I used postpartum. These belly bands are the best, most popular models on the market, and I made sure to include a range of budgets when I chose.

Breathable Maternity Belt

This maternity belt offers plenty of support for your belly and back. You’ll want to have one in your third trimester because the extra compression can feel so soothing.

It fits hips up to 45 inches, and the make of 40% polyester, 30% cotton, and 30% rubber tells you how sturdy it will be. Its mesh-like form is what makes it so utterly lovely and completely not sweat-inducing. Plus, it’s under $20.


Maternity Belt with Shoulder Straps

My very good friend just had twins about a year ago. She was gorgeous and magical, and all belly. She wore this every day from the middle of her pregnancy on and swears by how comfortable it is.

The shoulder straps really help the band distribute the weight evenly through your shoulders and torso. She wore this overtop of a long tank top for maximum comfort, and she could only do that because it is super breathable.


Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt

The infuriating thing about maternity clothes is that they tend not to be size-inclusive — and it’s not OK. NeoTech is a med supply company and better than many because their belly band comes in sizes extra small through a generous 2x.

It’s a stunningly high-quality semi-harness maternity belt that is incredibly popular among moms. It’s made of 65% Polyester, 17% Nylon, and 18% Elastodiene, and the way it redistributes pressure and weight is genius. It doesn’t press down on the bump at all on the top — it pulls back above the bump. Users say that it actually feels like their lungs have room when they put this on.

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