Your baby won’t have a blanket or duvet for quite some time. Since that makes sheets the star of their cribs, it’s fun to dress up their sleeping space with punchy patterns and soft materials that make your baby’s bed stylish, comfortable, and safe.

As always, follow safe sleeping practices as outlined by the American Association of Pediatrics and never place loose bedding, blankets, toys, stuffed animals, or crib bumpers in the baby’s sleeping space. A sleep sack or wearable blanket, fitted crib sheet, and a firm mattress is all that should be in the crib. And that’s why we say you should go ahead and splurge on your sheets.


Beyond being gentle on your baby’s ultra sensitive skin, the best crib sheets need to hold up to frequent use and washings. Look for materials like cotton, bamboo, cotton muslin, and linen, which tend to be the gentlest on your baby’s skin while also maintaining tensile strength under the hazards of everyday life.

You’ll also want to make sure that crib sheets can be hang-dried or thrown in the dryer, and won’t get damaged by the sun. We know that the materials mentioned above are prone to wrinkling, but the lasting nature of these natural sheets more than makes up for a few divots, in our opinion.


I’ve personally laundered several of these sheets on the list, including Guava Lotus, Brooklinen, Avocado, and Burt’s Bees, using Guava Lotus and Burt’s Bees with her own children. The other sheets on the list have been carefully chosen after reading tons of reviews — both good and bad — weighing first-hand user experience with cost, composition, safety, and smaller factors like shipping costs and ease of purchase. We also made sure to include sheets at a variety of price points, because we know that cost is a huge factor for families.

Whether you’re looking for a prim pattern or a bold solid, there’s a crib sheet on this list for you that’s soft, washes easily, and will hold up to years of use.

Guava Lotus Travel Crib Sheets (Set of 2)

Guava Lotus travel crib sheets wash like an absolute dream. The 100% cotton gets softer and softer as they’re washed, and it takes years for them to begin to wear. If you use a travel crib — or if you’re traveling to a hotel that has one, pick these up. (Hotel crib sheets are horrid in our experience.)

The patterns are sweet without being cutesy or distracting, and the elastic really grips the travel crib mattress, and it fits most playpens. They’re easy on and easy off, thanks to the genius design of the corner stretch areas. Plus, they make a great gift — I gift them to every expecting mother I know!

They are designed specifically for the Guava travel crib, but it fits many others, like the Joovy and UppaBaby.


Essentials Classic Poplin Crib Sheets

We love aden + anais for their super soft muslin receiving blankets — their cotton poplin crib sheets are as high-quality as you’d imagine.

Keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer with these airy, whimsical crib/toddler sheets. Regulating baby’s temperature means they’ll sleep better, and muslin is perfect for just that.

You get two sheets for $38, which is right on target with the rest of their line, and we think they’re totally worth it. Your baby will love snuggling down in these.


100% Cotton Crib Sheet

Good luck getting any sleep with these adorable crib sheets that can totally double as photo backdrops. Made by moms, obviously, these whimsical patterns will have you snapping photos of your baby well past bedtime.

Don’t worry — they’re not just for looks. Rookie Human’s crib sheets are 100% cotton sateen and have a 230 thread count. Perfect for tiny humans. They’ll just be bummed when they grow out of them.

Bonus: They’re packaged to be gifted — no wrapping paper necessary!

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