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The 8 Best Baby Sun Hats of 2022 Protect Baby’s Skin and Eyes 1

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the sun is out — it must be summer. While we all love to soak up the delicious warmth of the season, our babies need special protection. The sun is harsh on baby’s eyes and skin, so it’s essential that you have sun hats on hand for your little one whenever they’re going out in the sun.


When shopping for the perfect baby beach hat for your little one, you should look for something that’s cool and breathable while also making sure that the most sensitive areas on their heads have shade. Babies’ eyes, ears, and faces are prone to burning, so keeping them cool and shaded is paramount. Also, babies under the age of 6 months can’t wear sunscreen yet, so baby beach hats offer more protection from the damaging UV rays in a fashionable, comfortable way.

The main things you need to look for in a hat is the shape or style of the hat, what the UPF rating is, the material it’s made from, and the mechanism the maker uses to ensure it will stay on your baby’s head as much as possible.

  • Shape and Style: Obviously, all sun hats for babies will have some sort of brim — varying from an elevated ball cap to a bucket hat to a full hat with shielding fabric. You should choose the best beach hat for your baby, depending on your situation and your baby’s preferences. For example, some babies hate a hat with a flap.
  • UPF Rating: Does it have at least a 50+ UPF/UVA rating? If that’s not signaled, does the maker tell you what percentage of the sun’s rays are blocked by the hat? This is a crucial product element to look for — but thankfully, every hat on our list is at least a UPF 50 or 97% sun blocking.
  • Material: Some hats are made of moisture-wicking fabric, which is great for sweaty baby heads. Others are designed for children with sensitive skin and are of materials like cotton or wool.
  • How Does It Stay Put?: Is it ties? Is it a loop with a tightener? Or is it an elastic-reinforced cap that fits like a hug? You might want to try a few different types to determine which one keeps the hat on the easiest for the longest time.

Whether you’re looking to stroll around shopping or you’re headed to a day at the park, these baby beach hats will keep your little one safe and cool.

Baby Swim Hat

Key Specs

  • Sun Protection Rating: 97% sun protection
  • Material: Nylon blend

Classic style meets UV filtering with this classic baby sun hat from Hanna Andersson. Complete with adorable ties, this Paddington-esque hat has a wide brim and stitching that isn’t irritating or itchy. The nylon and spandex material is soft, stretchy, and blocks up to 97% of UV rays.


Baby Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat

Key Specs

  • Sun Protection Rating: UPF 50+
  • Materials: Wicking polyester

When you’re heading to the beach, it can be hard to figure out how to best protect your baby’s neck as they wiggle on the sand (and try to eat it). This baby sun hat completely covers the neck and ears, giving parents much-needed peace of mind.

It’s 100% polyester with a wicking liner for comfort, is UPF 50+ rated, and the adjustable toggle at the bottom of this baby sun hat is easy to adjust for the perfect fit.


Baby and Toddler Adjustable Sun Hat

Key Specs

  • Sun Protection Rating:UPF 50+
  • Materials: Polyester

I never knew I needed to see a baby in a penguin hat so badly, but after seeing this adorable pick, I will be buying one for every baby I know. Just look at it. And yes, it’s adjustable in the back and under the chin. Plus, it’s UVA 50+ with neck and ear coverage, and it’s made of breathable materials.


Baby Kids Summer Flap Cover Cap

Key Specs

  • Sun Protection Rating: UPF 50+
  • Materials: 100% Cotton

If your baby hates things touching their face and ears, then you need this sun hat. It has an extra-wide brim that flares out around baby’s head without needing to tuck down on the sides. The 100% cotton material is woven extra-tightly to keep out the sun, and the two toggles make it fit perfectly.


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