Wet Dry Bags for Baby Cloth Diapers – Reusable, Washable for Baby Stroller, Diaper Bag, Breast Pump Parts, Travel Bags, Gym Bag with 2 Pockets 11.8*15.7 inch (Half Sun)


  • Just got done with a swim or got caught up in a water balloon fight? No worries, just toss your wet clothes into your Wet Dry Bag and put it in your pack. Your Splash Bag will help protect the other items in your bag from getting wet.
  • Each bag has two zippers and a snap handle for easy carrying. The size of the bag is approximately 11.8 * 15.7 inch and can hold about 3-4 cloth diapers.
  • Our wet bags are great for carrying diapers, wet swimsuits dirty and gym clothes ; not just for wet stuff – these bags make excellent organizers for toys, toiletries, accessories, electronics, travel and more
  • Did you run out of room in your pack? Not a problem. You can use the hanging loop to clip it on. You can also get creative if you want to hang it up off the ground.
  • Dropped your Wet Dry Bag in the mud? It happens. Just spray it down with a hose or toss it in the wash.

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If you’ve ever gone to the beach or swimming in someone’s pool, then you know what’s going to eventually happen. You’re going to leave and get stuck with a wet bathing suit and towel. You can try to use something like a grocery bag, but it’s going to leak and get all of your surrounding items wet. Yes, there are bulky dry bags that are designed to keep your items dry, but they’re big, weigh a ton, and you can’t open and close them without some unnecessary effort. Here’s where we come in. 

We’re tired of having to choose between leaky bags and convenience. We designed a MOMIGO Wet Dry Bag that’s compact, sleek, easy to access, and it just works. Simply throw in your wet items, zip up the bag and then toss it in your backpack or beach bag. The double layered polyester material and heavy duty zipper are water resistant and will help keep your other stuff dry and your wet clothes separated. You can also use the Splash Bag the other way around and keep your dry items dry.  

The MOMIGO Wet Dry Bag doesn’t stop with wet/dry uses. You can also use it to hold your lunch, diapers, makeup, toiletries, or even electronics. 


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