Preemie Girl Clothes 3-5 Pounds Little Baby Girls Boys Pajamas Set Satin Silk Kids Little Girls Bathrobe 2t


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Preemie Girl Clothes 3-5 Pounds Little Baby Girls Boys Pajamas Set Satin Silk Kids Little Girls Bathrobe 2t
Season: Spring, summer

Gender: Girls

Pattern type: Solid

Sleeve type: Short sleeve

Occassion: Party, birthday, daily, casual, wedding, Christmas, Halloween, and other occassion

Preemie Girl Clothes 3-5 Pounds Little Baby Girls Boys Pajamas Set Satin Silk Kids Little Girls Bathrobe 2t

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18-24 Months, 18-24Months, 2-3T, 6-12 Months, 6-12Months

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    by slag

    This is a VERY well made item and I really love it. 

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