Nenesupply Membranes Valves Compatible with Medela Breast Pump Parts Not Original Medela Membrane Replacement Parts Accessories Compatible with Pump in Style Parts Symphony Harmony Hand Pump


  • BPA FREE and DEHP FREE. All parts can be sanitized with boiling water or water steam.
  • SAME SUCTION AS OEM PARTS. Easy to remove from breastshields.
  • NENESUPPLY COMPATIBLE 4 VALVES AND 8 MEMBRANES FOR MEDELA BREASTPUMPS. Compatible with Pump In Style Advanced, Symphony, Swing, Harmony Manual Pump and Mini Electric Breastpumps.
  • FDA COMPLIANT FOR FOOD CONTACTS. Made by facilities in compliance with FDA quality system.
  • NOT ORIGINAL MEDELA PUMP PARTS. All parts made by Nenesupply. COMPATIBLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Medela Valves, Membranes, and Breastshields.

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We work hard to provide quality, reliable, and safe pump parts for moms, so they can breastfeed as long as they want it to be. We know it’s challenging, but we are here to help.


Nenesupply Valves and Membrances


Assembly Instruction:

  • To ensure optimal suction, membranes have to lie completely flat on the valves.
  • Made by facilities in compliance with FDA quality control system.

Nenesupply Valves and Membrances

Include 4pc Valves and 8pc Membrances

  • Use with Pump In Style Advanced, Symphony, Swing, Harmony Manual Pump, and Mini Electric Breastpumps.
  • Interchangeable with original pump parts
  • Can also be used on Nenesupply breastshields.
  • Same suction as original pump parts
  • BPA free and DEHP free
  • FDA compliant for food contacts
  • Produced according to FDA regulations for Breast Pump kits.

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