6.6ft Furniture Edge and Corner Guards,Baby Safety Protection Strip, Table Desk Edge Guard Strip Corner, Protector Furniture Corners Children Safety Foam Protection (Light Green)


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  • Soft and elastic NBR material. The raw material uses physical closed-cell foaming technology, the internal structure has fine pores and evenly distributed, and is soft and elastic when impacted by external forces.
  • The multi-functional W anti-collision strip is suitable for kindergarten decoration, children’s room decoration, playground decoration, and a must-have product for home safety protection!
  • BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, comfortable and skin-friendly, soft and elastic.
  • The thickened and widened anti-collision strips at the corners of the table are the caring guardians of babies and take care of every step of their growth.
  • When the baby learns to crawl and starts to jump, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps. The corners of the table are an invisible injury in the home!

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All products are equipped with a special tape for anti-collision strips (no need to buy separately), which has high adhesion and coverage compared with ordinary double-sided tape, and has no residual glue and is easy to clean.

This product uses imported raw materials, non-toxic/odorless, and can be used on wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, marble, metal, cement, and other household appliances with surfaces, furniture, corners and other household items. The surface glue can be firmly attached to the desktop to protect the baby from accidental bumps and serious injuries.

1. Make sure that the inside of the protective strip and the corner of the table are dry before use.
2. Measure the length of use, and then cut them separately.
3. Stick the safety double-sided tape on both sides of the inner edge of the protective strip.
4. First tear off one side of the adhesive, and stick the protective strip on the upper side of the desktop.
5. Then tear off the other side, stick it on the underside of the desktop, and press the entire protective strip firmly.

Products include:
1 x Furniture Edge Guards 6.6ft
4 x Corner Protector
1 x Tape

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