150 Piece Circular Puzzles, Military Fan Series/Soldier Poster Puzzle. Educational Toys/Wooden Puzzles, Friends Gifts/Souvenirs, Home Entertainment, Wall Art Decorations


  • Professional advantages: With fully automatic integrated manufacturing, high-quality wood and high-tonnage pressing technology, our puzzles are more playable, neat trimming, advanced customized printing technology and mass printing production. The surface of the puzzle is coated with luminous light, which is waterproof and keeps the color bright without any peculiar smell。
  • Ordering Notes: Puzzles are widgets. Young children need to use it under the supervision of an adult.
  • Product features: Jigsaw puzzles can be used as a communication bridge between relatives and friends and parent-child interactive games. It can also be used as a special gift for holidays and anniversaries. We will carefully craft for you to make a different and special gift. After the puzzle is assembled, it can be framed and hung, which can be used for decoration or collection.
  • After sales: There are more patterns and style puzzles of different sizes in the mall. I believe you will find your favorite baby. After receiving the puzzle, you can assemble it first. If any pieces are damaged or missing, please contact us and we will solve the problem for you.
  • Customization: Various styles of puzzles can be customized in the mall. If you need a customized puzzle, you can go inside to learn more.

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puaale is a fun indoor game that can enhance cognitive function. It can make people’s thinking more active, reduce progressive memory loss and relieve the stress of daily life. It is also an interactive puzzle game that enhances feelings with family and friends. Whether it is bought for entertainment or given to family and friends, you are worth it Owned by, our professional puzzle puzzle production, and also launched online customization, use your or your family and friends photos to make a special holiday commemorative gift, you can also use your animal pets or your favorite pictures, let us do Made for you. The puzzle uses high-quality wood and advanced printing technology. The surface is treated with a luminous waterproof coating to make the puzzle more beautiful and playable. It can be assembled dozens of times repeatedly, which is definitely worth your money. It is the perfect gift for all holidays. It is also a magic game that never goes out of style. Allows you to enjoy leisure time with family and friends.


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