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You might think your baby needs complete silence to sleep, but your little one might actually sleep better with a baby white noise machine. Bedtime for your tot isn’t always going to be the quietest time of your day, which is why getting your little one used to background noises while they’re resting plays such a crucial part in running your household as normal without worrying about waking up your baby.


You’d think that with white noise machines, it would be as simple as finding one, plugging it in, and hoping like heck that it soothes your baby or at least drowns out the noise of your own parental anxiety for a minute. (Joke’s on us, nothing can do that.)

And while it’s not that complicated, there are a couple of things that you really need to decide about before purchasing. Those are, lighted or not lighted, timer or no timer, chargeable or corded, plush or standard, and whether or not you want a reactive sound machine.

Lighted or Not

If you’re interested in a sound machine that lights up, there are a few categories to choose from: plain old night light style, dimmable night light (sometimes with a timer), and galaxy light that makes stars glow on the ceiling. Opting for a night light is a nice feature to have, but if you’re using it frequently to put your baby to sleep, you should opt for one with a timer so that it isn’t running all night long.

Dimmable night lights, a feature that the Hatch Rest has, work wonders at bedtime. They allow you to find the best level of light at just the right times. They’re also great for offering just enough light for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes without waking up your babe.

Galaxy night light white noise machines are great for babies who are learning how to self-soothe. Whether you choose to do the cry-it-out method, or you just want them to start leaning into solo night times, a galaxy white noise machine that projects images onto the ceiling and walls gives babies something to gaze at as sleep comes. Some parents note that the galaxy can be distracting, or make the room to bright, but others insist that it’s a godsend.

Timer or No Timer

Some parents choose to have the white noise turn off after a period of time, 0r as pediatrician, sleep expert, and the author of the wildly popular Happiest Baby on the Block book, Dr. Harvey Karp suggests, decrease the volume once your baby is asleep. I personally find my white noise machine so soothing that it never goes off at my house — in fact, it’s playing in my office as I type this.

Chargeable or Corded

For regular machines corded is fine in most scenarios as long as it’s nowhere near your baby’s crib. Rechargeable white noise machines are good for when you’re going out, or you want to move it to an area where you don’t have a lot of outlets. If it’s a plush-style baby white noise machine (which we’ll get into in just a minute), there should be no cords anywhere near it.

Plush or Not

Plush baby white noise machines, like the Gemma Joy Bedtime Bunny Baby Sleep Soother, are snuggly and comforting, but they’re not always practical. The volume control isn’t always the best, and there are generally fewer sound options. That said, they’re the most portable of the bunch — and if I’m speaking from experience, my own children had plush sound machines as babies and absolutely loved them. Your baby will also probably form an intense attachment to their sound plush, so it’s best to buy a couple, in the event of an emergency.

Reactive or Not

Reactive baby white noise machines, like the Tiny Love Meadow Days Sound ‘n Sleep Projector Soother, are reactive to your baby’s noises meaning if your baby starts to cry, these machines turn on all on their own. They’re great for parents who don’t want a 24/7 white noise machine but still want a bit of sound assistance.

A baby white noise machine can help drown out your older kids doing somersaults off of the couch and help your babe drift off into a restful sleep (just be sure to always use it correctly!). We found the best ones so that your babe will be snoring and drooling in no time.



This baby white noise machine can be connected to your smartphone via an app, so you can be super sly about adjusting its settings without disturbing your little bub. This is especially effective for the first line of defense when it comes to soothing.

If you notice your little one is stirring while you’re not in (or near) the nursery, you can turn on a soft glow and cue up some sounds to draw their attention. It’s also the perfect way to wake your little one up in a gentle way if you’re not in the room.

Our deputy editor, Joana Mascioli, uses this baby white noise machine for her little one and says, “My son uses the Hatch every single night to fall asleep and absolutely loves it. I even tried a different one that I had gotten as a gift, but nothing beats the Hatch. I love it so much that I even bought a second one!”

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This quirky little creature doubles as a sound machine and a light projector. Turn it on to play the perfect lullaby and watch your little one be mesmerized by the soft-glowing stars that dance around the ceiling.

The coolest part? There’s an integrated sensor that’ll trigger songs to sound when your little one fusses and cries. Users say that this noise machine is so intuitive and well-designed, remarking on its soothing lights and reactive noise. One user even said, “I’m so impressed by this baby white noise machine — I think it’s smarter than we are.”

If getting babies to sleep is our robot overlords’ future, I welcome it.

Tired of shushing your baby to sleep? Turn the job over to the pro. This sound machine provides 15 or 30 minutes of continuous shushing sounds, making it easy to follow Dr. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Baby on the Block technique.

Users love this one for babies who are only soothed by their parents. It uses a real human voice to make the shushing sound, and while that seems creepy to adults, like something out of a haunted house, babies absolutely love it.

Despite whining and crying for hours on end when it’s time to go to sleep, your baby wants to doze off just as much as you want them to.

Help usher them into a restful snooze with six different soothing white noise sounds. HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine has calming tones like the pitter-patter of rain or the delicate chirps of summertime bugs.

The compact machine is both battery- and adapter-powered, which means you can take it from the nursery to your room to the living room for a quick midday nap without having to unplug several cords.

As we mentioned earlier, one study cautions against too-loud sound machines that could potentially damage an infant’s hearing. This Skip Hop soother lets you control the volume of what your baby hears, from lullabies to nature sounds.

You can combine the sounds as well, making a soothing aural landscape for your baby. Parents tell me that the light is the real draw for this machine. You have both the galaxy projection and a gentle nightlight and can change them in a minute.

Our tester loves this white noise machine/lovey so much that his mom said, “I literally cannot take it from him, he goes crazy when I try!”

And it’s easy to see why — it’s reactive to your baby’s cry and plays sounds and lights up to calm your baby as soon as it gets triggered. It’s a ridiculously soft plush bunny with just the cutest expression, and it’s just loud enough to calm your baby without causing damage to their hearing.

Instead of counting sheep to sleep, your baby can be soothed by this one instead! Strap this cuddly little lamb to your baby’s crib, and choose from four soothing sounds, including a mother’s heartbeat, to lull your baby to sleep.

Parents love that it’s a gentle approach to soothing their baby, allowing them tactile comfort while being soothed through the calming noise.

With a total of 24 different sounds, there is certainly a perfect subtle noise for your restless tot that will stop or reverse their sleep regression in its tracks.

Whether your tot takes to the low whirling sounds of a fan or the crackling of a campfire, the volume-adjustable tones will help them drift off into la-la land. The gentle yellow night light will help your little one ease to sleep alone without having to lay in a totally dark room.

As an aside, once your baby gets older, you can totally steal this from them if your spouse snores because it drowns sound right out, according to reviewers.

Their nursery will be like a sound-bath oasis. Aaahhh!

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Baby monitors are more high-tech and responsive than ever before, and there’s a veritable sea of options to choose from. They’re a crucial tool for parents, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one while you’re in another part of the house. These monitors alert you if your baby wakes up, if they’re feeling fussy, or if they’ve flung themselves bodily from the confines of their cribs and are now chasing the cat. (Oh, toddlers.)

A reliable baby monitor provides peace of mind and a whole lot of convenience — but the trick is figuring out which one best suits your family’s needs and preferences.

How to Choose

All of the monitors on this list are different types of video monitors. They come in a range of prices from under $200, like the LeapFrog, all the way up to nearly $500, like the CuboAi, for a monitor with a bevy of bells and whistles. Every monitor on this list has been rigorously tested and vetted to assure that no matter which monitors you choose, they’re of the highest quality in both performance and security.

How We Chose

Every single monitor on this list has been tested by real parents deep in the thick of it. They were tested in a variety of environments from a Brooklyn high rise to super-rural farmhouses. New parents, veteran parents, and grandparents all tested out these monitors and gave their honest feedback.

Check out our highly vetted baby monitors below!




The LeapFrog has the best camera for tilt, zoom, and night watching. This monitor is accessible via the app, or you can watch your baby on a dedicated monitor that is provided with a range of 1,000 feet. The camera has remote 1080p and in-person 720p resolution, fully in-color night vision, 360º movement, tilt, eight times zoom, and a 110º wide-angle lens.

The two-way talk function is clear as a bell, and accessible through the app or the monitor. It has a dimmable built-in night light with multiple colors that adjusts to the brightness of your baby’s room.

The app is fee-free and includes a free 15-minute sleep consultation from the experts at WeeSleep, which our testers note was easy to set up and more helpful than they anticipated.

The thermometer and humidity ratings are accurate and if they go out of comfortable range, it alerts you by changing the color of the indicator. As for battery life, the Leap Frog’s 5000mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours set on video streaming and 22 hours in audio-only, power-saving mode.

And yes, this camera also takes cute snapshots.

The Miku promises the same monitoring features as the Nanit without the use of a sleeve by employing a high-tech, high-definition camera that’s designed to detect infants’ breathing.

The 1080p camera records and analyzes your baby’s breathing and sleep using Miku’s proprietary SensorFusion technology. It uses multiple sensors to track your child’s smallest movement. Unfortunately, like the Nanit, this means that the camera does not move, but it has a 140º wide-angle view and digital zoom.

The live breathing waveform in the app shows your child’s respiration in real-time on your smartphone, and a local processor immediately analyzes your child’s data to deliver real-time movements and sleep patterns, as well as working to alert you should they wake or require your assistance.

It has a ton of special features: two-walk talking, thermometer and humidity readings, ambient light sensors, light-up sound and motion alerts, lullabies and white noise player, ultra-high-definition night vision, and extremely secure crypto security features to thwart would-be hackers.

Our testers loved that the app is free and that there are no extra pieces to be worried about — it does it all right through the camera. One reviewer said that they thought that the white noise could be louder but that the two-way talk feature was plenty loud enough to soothe their baby.

The designer of the CuboAi, Dr. Kenneth Yeh, wanted to create a baby monitor that addressed the biggest concerns of new parents. Concerned with suffocation and movement, he made a monitor that alerts parents if their newborn has rolled over, or if something is covering their face. Our testers found that this monitor is the most accurate in this reading these issues.

The CuboAi is surprisingly sensitive in all areas of interest, not just rolling and facial monitoring, but also sound and movement in general. Through the app, you learn sleeping insights and patterns that are evaluated and sent to you every morning through their premium service. That service also takes pictures of “moments” and stores them for you in their cloud, ready to print.

The basics of the camera and motion-sensing pad are fairly expected for the price, but they are high quality. It’s app-powered with livestream video of your baby, motion alerts, facial recognition/face covering alerts, a temperature and humidity monitor, two-way talking, lullabies and white noise capabilities, and micromotion detection that employs four motion sensors that note micro-movements on the mattress with a bigger range than similar products.

The camera, like others in the category, is stable, with no panning or tilt. The night vision is as good or better than others on the list, and the detail, even in dim light, is remarkable. While some testers appreciated how sensitive this monitor is, others thought it was a bit too sensitive, alerting them to baby’s every move, disrupting sleep unnecessarily.

Parents who want a whole-nursery view of their children’s room can’t go wrong with the Eufy Spaceview Pro. The 720p camera has a 50-110º wide-angle lens that pans the room 330º and tilts 110º. All you have to do is place it in a corner with an outlet, and you can see it all, making it the best baby monitor to take you through the toddler years.

It’s a Wi-Fi-free FHSS closed-system that’s hacker free, and it comes with a decently sized 5-inch screen. The 1.5 and 2x zoom is strong and clear, as is the two-way communication. The lullabies are pretty repetitive, but babies don’t seem to mind at all. Plus, you can control them from a decent distance, thanks to the 1,000-foot range.

The most notable part of this monitor, and what made it the hands-down favorite for some, is the fact that it is a part of the wildly popular Eufy home security system. Tech-oriented families who like keeping everything streamlined love how seamlessly the baby monitor integrates with the system as a whole.

One reviewer said, “I think I could train my baby to answer the door if I rigged it properly.” That’s one way to get rid of the missionaries.

As a bonus, it has a built-in alarm clock. Again, this monitor gets better and better for older kids the more you discover.


One type of monitor isn’t necessarily better than another, but there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each. Our testers had wildly different opinions on which monitor was the best, proving how individual a decision this really is. Normally, when I send baby products out to testers, there’s a clear winner or close consensus, but that’s just simply not the case with baby monitors.


Many Wi-Fi-enabled monitors, like the Miku, can be operated via an app on your phone or tablet. With this style of monitor, you can view your baby from anywhere you get cell service, making it particularly great for when you’re out of the house and you have a babysitter, or if you have a larger house or yard where a traditional monitor wouldn’t have the reach.

The drawback to a phone-or-tablet-based system is that you must have the app open and running on your phone or tablet (or Echo show, in the case of the Nanit) at all times if it is the primary monitor. Plus, there are some security concerns surrounding Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitors that they can be hacked and creeps can look in on your baby or even speak to them — but don’t worry, there are a bunch of tips you can follow to keep your baby monitor as safe as possible.

Wi-Fi-Video Hybrid Monitors

Wi-Fi-video hybrid models, like the Leap Frog, have all of the benefits of a Wi-Fi baby monitor with an external video monitor component. That means that not only can you view from your phone, but also from a separate, handheld unit. Yes, these still require the same security considerations as the strictly Wi-Fi-enabled devices, but they have added convenience for the trouble.

Movement Monitors

There is a whole subset of baby monitors that can help you monitor your baby’s movements, sleep, and even their breathing. These include a wearable sock device, like the Owlet monitor, that alerts you if your baby hasn’t moved recently, and cameras with special technology that monitors breathing. Just note that these are not medical devices.

2.4 GHz FHSS Monitors

FHSS monitors, also known as monitors that use frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, is a fancy way of saying that these monitors are on a secure, closed-loop frequency that works without Wi-Fi, like the Vtech. Think of them as a video walkie-talkie that only has one channel. It’s a long-range alternative to Wi-Fi that works especially well in baby monitors in spaces with unsecured connections like if you take your baby to the office, or if you have older kids who like to give out the Wi-Fi passcode to everyone on the block.


Video Quality

Most baby monitors today have clear night-vision imaging, but even still, the differences in the quality of the image can be significant. There are monitors that are such high-quality that you get full color no matter the time of day like the Nanit, whereas the much cheaper monitors, like the VTech, tend to have less-than-perfect quality.


Like walkie-talkies, baby monitors have a range that they work the best within. Non-Wi-Fi monitors are generally limited to under 1,000 feet of distance, which is pretty darn far. But if your house is especially grand, or you’re constantly spending time outside, we suggest a Wi-Fi or a hybrid baby monitor.

Battery Life

Most baby monitors have at least a 12-hour streaming time, with some having considerably more. We appreciate that on some monitors, you can turn the screen down (or off) and have the option to switch to audio mode to extend its battery’s life.

Baby Products


Baby sleep sacks, also known as wearable blankets, have been an essential parenting item ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics cautioned against leaving loose blankets in your baby’s crib. To make sure you know everything about keeping your little one safe while slumbering, we spoke to the expert on baby sleep health, Dr. Harvey Karp, M.D., author of The Happiest Baby on the Block.


According to Karp, “There’s nothing wrong with using a blanket to swaddle your baby — parents have been swaddling from scratch for centuries! But using a simple, zip-up sleep sack can make the origami-like task of baby-wrapping a whole lot easier for sleep-deprived parents.”


Parents and Karp understand that “sacks add a little extra parental peace of mind, since they can’t unravel and accidentally get wrapped around the baby’s face,” which is why they should fit properly. Alas, there’s no universal sizing, so you have to check and double-check.

He adds that “like blankets, baby sleep sacks are designed to hold the arms nice and snug, while still allowing the baby’s hips enough room for full motion. This is important because if parents inadvertently wrap the blanket too tightly, it can actually hurt the baby’s developing hip joint.”

Ease for Parents

And let’s not forget, it’s a baby that’s wearing this. Baby sleep sacks should be easy to open for diaper changes, such as the Primary sleep sack, and easy to clean when the inevitable leak or blowout happens, like the TILLYOU sleep sack. Price is important too, but you’ll find that some of the pricier sleep sacks offer features like shaped arms and natural fibers.


I spoke to parents, retailers, and manufacturers to find the easiest, best, and safest sleep sacks on the market. They were evaluated for ease of opening, ease of cleaning, value, and how long it takes babies to get out of each baby sleep sack. (It will happen eventually, and sadly, duct tape is frowned upon.)

It should be noted that all of these sleep sacks are in compliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) recent guidance regarding safe baby sleeping that discourages the use of any type of weighted sleeper.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: 5 to 25 pounds
  • Material: Organic cotton

Treat your babe’s delicate skin to this 100% organic cotton sleep sack from Burt’s Bees. The inverted zipper, accessible from both the top and the bottom of the sack, means quick-and-easy diaper changes.

Adorned with sweet little bees, this cozy insulated sack will keep the chill out and the warmth in for a comfortable, blanket-free night’s rest.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: 2 months to 2 years
  • Material: Merino wool

Your baby will be absolutely obsessed with the plush softness of this merino wool-lined sleeping sack from Woolino.

Breathable and designed to be worn all the way up to 2 years old, the Woolino sleeping sack keeps your babe’s temperature regulated throughout the seasons without the hassle of blankets. Your babe can move from the crib to the car and back again with the easy-to-use seatbelt slots on the front.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: Newborn to 28 pounds
  • Material: Polyester micro-fleece

The Halo SleepSack is made of cozy micro-fleece, and it’s the only swaddle that adjusts three ways to fit your baby as they grow.

Your baby can keep their arms in or out, so it will never feel too constricting. Then, when your baby gets bigger, it can be used as a wearable blanket.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: 5 to 24 pounds
  • Materials: Cotton and elastane

Since some babies like to sleep with their hands up in the air and near their faces, the Love to Dream Swaddle Up allows your baby to safely place their hands and arms in a comfortable position while limiting their Moro reflex.

As your newborn is getting used to sleeping outside of the womb, this swaddle sleep sack encourages them to embrace self-soothing by giving their tiny hands free rein. Parents love how this gives them the option to immobilize their little ones without them knowing it.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: 5 through 28 pounds
  • Materials: Polyester fleece

This extra-roomy sleep sack is the perfect blanket replacement for a baby who’s totally anti-swaddle. Made of soft and breathable micro-fleece material, your little angel will feel cozy from summer to winter.

It’s one of Amazon’s most popular sleep sacks — and parents just love how durable it is. You can wash and dry this a million times, and it just gets softer.

Reviewers also love how big the bottom of this sleep sack is, noting that babies have plenty of space to kick around, and even pull themselves up as they learn to stand.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: Newborn to 36 months
  • Materials: Cotton exterior, polyester interior

Your baby isn’t old enough for sleepovers just yet, so for now, zip her up in this quilted sleep nest that looks just like a sleeping bag. The handy shoulder snaps make getting them into the bag a total snap. It’s perfect for camping and cool nights, too.

Key Specs

  • Sizes Available: Newborn to 9 months
  • Materials: Polyester

Babies keep toasty and safe with this pair of affordable sleep sacks from Carter’s. The adorable animal print sleeper is essentially a blanket with sleeves, making it wonderful for cooler environments or babies who don’t love wearing anything under their sleeper.

This is pure convenience. Throw it over a diaper and you’re good. Parents love how much use they get out of these, because they’re really a one-step sleep sack with a clever bottom-up zipper for easy diaper changes.

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When it comes to Halloween costumes for your baby, it’s all about balancing irresistible cuteness and absolute comfort. We’ve combed the web, read reviews, and spent hours on social media to find some of the comfiest, cutest, and coolest baby Halloween costumes available right now.

They may not be able to walk or talk yet, but all eyes will be on them when they wear one of these super cute baby costumes. No matter how your child is going to celebrate the holiday — trick or treat, trunk to trunk, or just hanging out at home — they’ll be the cutest guest in attendance. (And since they can’t eat their candy yet, it’s all yours!)

Whether you want to dress them up as their favorite cartoon character or their favorite fruit (or somewhere in between), we have your baby’s first Halloween covered. As for the candy hangover? We suggest naptime and water.

Baby Yoda has taken over the hearts of everyone, and you can definitely expect that adorable little face to be a hit this Halloween. The robe and hat construction make it super comfy for your little spooky sweetie, too.

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Real question, how would giraffes wear a scarf? Up by their jaw, or down by their chest? In this costume you can rest assured that your little animal will be toasty warm and have no need of a scarf.

Imagine how utterly edible this costume would be if you paired it with a vampire pacifier? Little Dracula out for his treats. And we can be honest, for breastfeeding parents, babies can feel a bit vampirish.

The costume is soft, easy to wear, and warm enough with the hood that you could probably get away with a simple base layer underneath.

If you haven’t heard (but who hasn’t?), The Lion King has gotten a total makeover. While the film does the work of converting this generation of little ones into “Hakuna Matata” mantra lovers, you can give your little fan a head start with this lion costume. With a mane like this one, your babe is totally Mufasa.

Elvis has left the building, and he’s stealing hearts one nap at a time. You know your baby can hit those high notes (thanks to all that screaming and hollering), so dress him up like the King to really tap into those vocal cords.

Guac is extra, and so is your baby. This adorable avocado costume is a must for millennial parents, featuring a leaf-topped hood and a round brown pit at the belly that really accents baby’s chubby tum.

Tim Burton fans will love this simple, yet adorable Jack Skellington costume that looks like it came straight from Halloween Town.

The one-piece features a zippered front for easy dressing, while a cozy embroidered cap will keep little ears warm on a chilly October night.

Kiss this cute frog, and he might just turn into a prince! As if you needed another reason to smooch those chubby cheeks.

Your happy baby will have so much fun hopping around in this cozy jumpsuit, featuring a funny frog-faced hood with an attached crown, plus skid-resistant foot covers for added safety.

While we aren’t sure if the original Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is actually supposed to be cute or absolutely frightening, we do know that your baby dressed as him will be so cute it’ll break the internet.

Complete with the sweet little cap and sailor bib, how can you be afraid of something so scrumptiously adorbs?

If your little one could choose any power, what would it be? Flying? Going invisible? Or making their puffy cereals reappear after they’re done eating them? Let them channel their inner superhero with the baby Jack-Jack costume complete with the cute little mask.

Forget Toby, Andrew, and Tom, your baby is now the cutest, best Spider-Man that there ever was. The two-piece set is basically pajamas, and if your baby doesn’t love the mask, it’s not needed. Their cute little face is plenty enough. We suggest pairing them with a pair of cozy socks or red slippers.

If you have a family Tiger King costume up your sleeve, this fluffy, hooded baby tiger costume is an absolute must for your little cub. Made of super soft flannel, your tiny tiger will be warm while trick or treating.

After the holiday, you can pop this in the wash and your baby can use it for dressing up after Halloween.

Baby Products


It’s that time of year again: Deck the halls, trim the tree, and get dolled up to gather with your loved ones over a wonderful Christmas feast. All of this holiday cheer means that it’s also time to dress your little one to impress with a baby Christmas outfit that can be both comfy on their tiny bodies and absolutely adorable for all of the family pics. And comfort really is key for baby Christmas outfits, isn’t it? Uncomfortable babies are going to be quite unhappy — and that means that all your pictures could end up in the Hall of Fame of bad holiday pics.

Whether you’re prepping for a holiday-card photoshoot and need your babe’s lewk to be on point or just want to show up to the Christmas party looking like Insta #familygoalswe’ve made it easy. These are the best baby Christmas outfits on the market right now.

Green clothing for the holidays really gets the short shrift, in our opinion.

This deliciously soft one-piece cable knit romper is not only cozy and gorgeous, but it’s also easy to open for diaper changes, thanks to its slick buttons and decent-sized openings. Your little one can really deck the halls in this evergreen-colored romper.

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If you’re looking for an heirloom-quality sleeper, with an easygoing attitude, this one is the one you want. It’s top-notch styling, materials, and detail — and conveniently zippered and machine-washable. This Hanna Andersson sleeper will take a lot of damage and still look great.

Are you looking for a set of baby boy dressy outfit for his special occasion?

Look No Further!

HOSUKKO has prepared a gift to you, many different pack of tuxedo outfits specially designed for baby boys.

It is a set of baby boy suit, includes a one-piece gentleman romper, vest, beret and bowtie.

Perfect for dressing up your prince for most of special occasion.

While your family is toasting with eggnog and passing out presents, your baby will look super cute and relaxed in their red ruffled romper (even if the headband ends up somewhere under the high chair). Made of soft knit, this romper will keep your baby warm both in the cold month of December and all throughout the year.

Rudolph, who is arguably the most important reindeer in Santa’s troop, is featured on the front of this adorable one-piece. Much like Rudolph’s bright red nose, your babe will brighten up any party with this number on.

The knit of the romper is smooth and soft, and while it is buttoned, we think that they actually add to the aesthetic appeal, even if limiting the convenience.

You’ll just want to snuggle with your baby when they’re wearing this soft, cozy Christmas sweater onesie. Bring your little one to Grandma’s house wearing this, and his cheeks will be red (from all of the loving pinches) by the time you head back home.

Tiny reindeer dance across the top of this sweater suit that, thankfully, buttons along the legs and neck for easy changes. The classic pattern feels vintage, but the ease of cleaning tells you it’s quite modern.

Commemorate your babe’s first Christmas with this festive red-footed onesie. Complete with Santa’s cheerful face on the front, your babe will be suited and booted for their first holiday.

Plus, the hat is included — which just makes the whole thing come together even more perfectly. It’s easy and fun and totally machine-washable.

Baby Carriage Baby Products


One of the biggest purchases you make as a new parent is a stroller. After a crib and a bassinet, a stroller is the biggest ticket item you’ll need to invest in before your little one arrives — and the cost can be pretty high. That being the case, you want to make sure that you choose the model that best fits your family’s needs. Fortunately, there are a ton of great choices on the market right now, and there’s something for every taste and budget.

Before you commit to a stroller, you should know that it’s possible, even probable, that you’ll buy more than one stroller to serve different needs. For example, if you’re a runner, you may want a jogging stroller in addition to your everyday model. Or, perhaps, you’ll start with a basic click-in car seat stroller and then upgrade to something with different features once your baby grows out of the infant car seat.

Alternatively, many parents prefer a bigger stroller or a travel system for going on all-day outings or visiting amusement parks, but they want a more compact stroller when heading out for a quick jaunt.


First and foremost, you should make sure the stroller you’re considering fits all of the requirements put forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). They have guidelines for safe hinges, wheel locks, seat belts, fabrics — everything. While all new strollers sold in the United States must conform to these regulations, secondhand retailers and certain imports may not, so you won’t find any of those on our list.

The primary things you want to consider when buying a stroller are how you’re using it, whether you need a single or a double, how and where you will be storing it, and comfort and convenience for the parent.

I can remember a time in New York City when you’d only see one fancy stroller everywhere. Nowadays, you never see that model — instead, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller is the preferred baby-toting machine of the schmancy people of the Upper East Side.

And it’s for good reason. If you can swing the price, this is a heck of a travel system. The bassinet is luxurious and soft, equipped with a breathable canopy and easy click-and-go attachments. The seat is cushy and gorgeous without being fussy. The undercarriage storage holds up to 30 pounds of stuff.

Plus, it has a ton of reclining functions, seat configurations (parent- or front-facing), and a telescoping handlebar. It has a vented base for maximum breathability, and the aluminum and magnesium frame is lightweight and durable.

It might cost more than your crib, but it is worth every penny. Our tester has been using this stroller for over a year now and loves how durable it’s been. Her two boys aren’t easy on it, either. Plus, because it is easy to maneuver the seats between facing in and facing away, you can have your child looking at you to chill out or looking at the world to engage them.

Our tester says that this stroller “Is like pushing the BMW of strollers. It’s luxurious and reliable, and the kids just want to hang out in it all the time.”

If you’re short on space, or if you travel with any regularity, you should consider the Babyzen Yoyo2. This compact design from Babyzen folds down in one move, making it small enough to fit in an overhead bin in an airplane or sit in one seat in the car. It’s that small.

It has a multiposition reclining seat that can be used from the time baby can sit with assistance until they weigh 40 pounds. There’s plenty of storage below, especially given the stroller’s size, but it isn’t really adjustable, so it’s best for average-height parents. All of the fabrics are machine-washable, and the canopy is UPF 50+ rated.

Oh, sweet mystery of baby travel, I have found thee.

If you’re a city dweller or simply get in and out of your car a lot with your baby, this infant car seat and stroller combination will be your new BFF.

It’s a great car seat with an easy thread, five-point harness, three layers of side impact protection, and the ability to be secured in the cab of the car with a latch or a seat belt — making it a real commuter’s dream. The entire thing unfolds with a click, the wheels dropping down like it’s in Top Gun mode, and it instantly becomes a sturdy, easy-to-push stroller.

The DOONA is an editor-approved stroller and is not only one of the best strollers for many families, but it’s also one of the best car seats — period. The Doona can be used from four to 30 pounds and up to 32 inches tall, making it a solidly extended-use infant seat.

Chicco really put in the effort to make this stroller as parent-friendly and baby-safe as possible — and, trust me, this travel system has it all. The stroller is designed for maximum comfort, with a multiposition reclining seat and large foam-filled rubber tires that glide across the pavement like a sports car. It features a folding child tray, a contoured reversible seat cushion (for support and unexpected messes), and a large UPF-rated canopy with a pull-out visor and flip-open mesh panel.

Best of all, folding the stroller is a total breeze. It works equally well for urban and suburban families and has an adjustable handle to help more petite parents. I have a partially paralyzed left hand, and I had absolutely no problem putting in or removing the car seat or collapsing the stroller.

It’s hard to describe just how impressive this double stroller wagon really is. This is the best stroller for long-haul trips if you have multiple kids, live in a city, or are a sports coach.

For starters, it is car seat-adaptable. You can even buy an additional stroller seat to go on the top that makes it more like a traditional stroller. It’s large enough to hold an IKEA bag full of groceries and laundry, and the mesh on the wagon is breathable and comfortable. Plus, the wheels practically float off the ground, and the extra bag in the back holds an entire meal from 5 Guys plus an Oreo shake.

It’s car seat-adaptable, you can add an additional jump seat on top, and because you can push or pull it, you can choose who or what your baby faces. The fabrics are machine-washable, the wheels are solid, but made for traversing tricky ground, and the double canopy covers your babies with UPF 50+-rated strength, while still allowing for maximum ventilation through the mesh sides.

This jogging stroller is one of the easiest to collapse and assemble. Suitable to use from your baby’s infancy with the addition of a bassinet, the stroller is a delight to jog with.

The front wheel can be locked in the straight position for long runs, and the air-filled tires are easy to refill with any standard bicycle tire pump. The canopy gives tons of cover in the sun without blocking circulation, and the one-hand recline feature makes gently reclining a sleeping baby so much simpler. Collapsing it is a bit of a pain, and there’s a learning curve.

Running parents love how this stroller is so easy to maneuver and how it takes the ruts in the road with no problem. It’s designed by runners — and it shows (in the best way).



I spent weeks testing strollers, meeting with manufacturers, and talking to parents about their needs and what they love in a stroller. I used my own experience as a parent and a researcher and considered criteria like manufacturing, sustainability, availability, budget, repair options, and materials. I made sure that if something goes wrong with the stroller, there is someone ready to help — and a solid repair chain. That means that there is a real human on the support line, and if necessary, parts can be ordered easily, or the entire stroller can be sent in for repairs.

I tested to determine that these strollers were roadworthy, comfortable for both babies and toddlers, and easy to assemble. And while very few strollers are going to be simple to put together, I made sure the instructions were clear and concise, providing ample direction for new and expecting parents.

While strollers can very much be a personal choice item, the following picks meet my criteria (which are based on 5 years as a parenting journalist and 13 years as a parent) and will suit a broad range of needs. Here are the best baby strollers of 2022.

Baby Bassinet Baby Products


You can’t put a price on sleep. If you’re on the hunt for the best baby bassinet to bring home, you’re in the right place. From deciding if you even need a bassinet to understanding the different types, we have you covered. There are lightweight options for travel, versions to keep your baby close, and stylish bassinets that fit the design of your home.

On top of that, some bassinets feature pretty cool technology, which can soothe your baby and encourage healthy sleeping patterns without you lifting a finger — or lifting yourself out of bed.

Why You Need a Baby Bassinet

A bassinet will provide your newborn with a safe, small space to rest within the first few months of their life. Bassinets are easy to move from room to room, which makes things a lot easier on parents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), bassinets placed in the bedroom with the parents are the safest option for babies. However, bassinets with solid sides should not be used once babies can roll around, as they then pose a suffocation hazard. The AAP wrote that the bedding should be firm enough that babies should not leave an indent on the surface and be free of all extra bedding like pillows or bumpers. A simple swaddle for newborns, or warm pajamas for babies, will suffice.

There are also stylish, sturdy options for alternatives to crib sleeping. Moms love having a bassinet at home that can be easily moved from room to room during the day. This way, moms can keep an eye on their little one while they go about their business in the rest of the house.

Best Overal

This gender-neutral bassinet is simple in style, but it’s complex in its advanced technology: It allows you to calm baby down as you take care of things around the home or kick back with some Netflix.

How does it work? It lulls your little one back to sleep with gentle rocking motions. It’s not the hard sway of the cradles of the past. Instead, it’s more like what they would get if they were, say, in their magical car seat. It’s the barest back and forth, and babies love it.

The bassinet is super light, so you can bring it with you from room to room. Plus, it responds to your baby’s motions, so it’ll start rocking your baby when they start fussing. We love the soft, meshy sides that are smooth, and won’t get baby’s tiny toes or fingers trapped.

Best Light-Up Option

This modern bassinet by Fisher-Price will entertain your little one until they fall asleep, thanks to tons of built-in features. It’s like the hottest nightclub for babies.

It has soothing vibrations, very chill music, a projectable light show, and soft mood lighting in the form of a gentle nightlight. In this bassinet, your baby is cooler than you are, and they’re also sleeping, which is also something you are likely not doing much of if you have a baby in a bassinet.

Best for Close Sleeping

Maybe it’s your first child, maybe you just had a C-section, or maybe you just really want to sleep close to your baby because that’s the best decision for you. Whatever your situation, consider this swivel see-through sleeper that’ll make you feel like nothing comes between you and your little one. It has an adjustable stand, so you can match the height of your baby’s little bed with your mattress. For under $200, it’s a real steal.

It’s not co-sleeping, which is a no-no according to the AAP, but it’s as close as you can get safely. (Fellow hovering parents, unite!) Plus, it’s truly a breeze to put together, which is saying a lot. The parenting editor at Best Products has put more than a few of them together to gift them for baby showers.

Pro tip: If you put it together and add a bow, you’ll look like a dang hero rolling up to that baby shower.

Best for Techie Parents

This 4Moms mamaRoo bassinet is one of the highest tech bassinets on the market. It has five separate motions, five speeds, and four sounds. Plus, it can operate on a timer. It’s powered by Bluetooth, enabling parents to choose the best combination that works for their baby. The smooth mesh sides and firm surface make it safe for the littlest ones.

Imagine your baby starts to fuss, but it’s hours before they should wake. All you do is open an app on your phone, turn on some sound and a little sway, and boom — your baby is back in dreamland. At least, that’s the goal. It’s a lofty one, but darn it, aim high, Momma.


Each of the bassinets on this list has been thoroughly researched by our editorial team. We looked at popular models in each category to make sure they fit within the safer sleep guidelines created by the CPSC and AAP, and then determined which were the best-reviewed and most talked about. We developed a cross-comparison strategy to determine the best baby bassinets worth buying today.


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